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° Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT)
° Remedial Massage Therapy (RMT)
° Somatic Relaxation Techniques
° Myotherapy Techniques
° Tellington TTouch® Techniques
° Hot & Cold Stone Therapy
° Red Light Therapy
° Healy Frequencies

For all dogs from puppies ? lounge lizards ? sporty athletes ? senior citizens and all in between. For dogs recovering from injuries (acute and chronic), pre and post surgery as well as end of life support.


° Energy Reset Therapy
° Healy Frequencies
° Animal Communication
° Sound Therapy

For dogs experiencing any of the following -
* Aggressive behaviour
* Anxiety + nervousness
* Over excitability
* Fear + shyness
* Leash pulling
* Car sickness
* Avoidance of men or women
* Jumping up
* Resistance to being groomed
* Excessive barking
* Separation anxiety


° Energy Reset Therapy
° Healy Frequencies
° Animal Communication
° Sound Therapy

For dogs and their humans experiencing the following -
* Anxiety + nervousness
* Depression
* Separation anxiety
* Disturbed sleep
* Irritability
* Pacing
* Escapees
* Car sickness
* Hiding
* Compulsive licking + chewing
* Destructive behaviour
* Storm phobias 

Canine Remedial Therapy

Most people would know it as "Dog Massage", but it's more than just a massage! It's a specialised form of not only remedial muscle therapy but other soft tissue techniques in which a qualified therapist performs a sequence of these techniques on a dog. It is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that helps to release tight muscles, improve movement quality and reduce compensation patterns by helping the right muscles function better. Another highly beneficial outcome is the activation of their parasympathetic nervous system which overall assists in reducing the stress response in the body. Other benefits of the therapy are numerous and include but are not limited to slowing down the natural aging process, helping healthy dogs stay healthier for longer and rehabilitating injured dogs by enabling them to move better. Just as humans benefit from touch, so do our dogs. Just as each dog is an individual, their touch treatments are planned accordingly. It's no different when sessions are planned for your dog. Every dog is treated as an individual and their session will be adjusted to suit their needs to achieve optimum health by applying therapeutic, remedial and relaxation techniques.
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Canine Emotional Reset Therapy

"Emotional Reset Therapy" provides a unique holistic energetic re-balance whereby the owner and their animal can be worked on together as a shared energy. This is a deeply loving, insightful and spiritual treatment allowing for personal growth and healing for both the owner and your animal for deep level processing, stress release and re-balancing. The treatment has arisen from the acknowledgement that we are all energetic beings existing in a collective web of a shared energy field. Animals often share imbalances with their owners, whether this be physical, emotional or spiritual. As an example, have you ever wondered if you have an anxious dog, that perhaps your fears or anxieties are related to theirs and perhaps 'feed' the issue further? Animal ERT identifies the shared stresses held with your combined energy system and releases them to enable you both to move forward to a more balanced healthier state. Our own thoughts and emotions are often mirrored back to us via our animals. Any blockages in our energetic body are felt by our animals. As we are all connected, they begin to show the same blockages, although they may express them differently. All animal behavioural and physical issues can be explored using this therapy with the results being greatly successful. Dowsing is used to identify the areas of stress within the nervous system and the emotional and/or physical source of the imbalance. ERT sessions can be received in your home if you live in the Port Macquarie and surrounds area where you and your animal are most comfortable or via distance, worldwide. This unique therapy allows for immense healing of shared issues and acknowledges problem behaviours as merely symptoms of a core issue.
ERT Sessions can be done just with your dog, as well as a combined session with you and your dog @Lake Cathie, a home visit and by remote via Zoom; FaceTime and Facebook Live Chat. 
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Telepathic Animal Communication

Animal communication essentially is the transfer of information from one or a group of animals to one or more other animals that affects the current or future behaviour of the receivers. Information may be sent intentionally, as in a courtship display or unintentionally as in the transfer of scent from predator to prey. Information may be transferred to an "audience" of several receivers. Human to animal communication goes much further than verbal and nonverbal cues. It involves one of human’s psychic senses. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the planet. For us animal lovers, telepathic communication nurtures the understanding, joy and richness possible in relationships with their animal companions. Animal communication is a telepathic communication whereby the meaning of telepathy is "communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means" (merriam-webster Dictionary) which involves the direct transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, sensations and just having a strong sense of knowing. We are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically but the human conditioning has focused on socialising verbally and "higher" modes of communication has been discouraged. If you want to communicate with your companion animal the first thing you need to do is let go of thoughts telling you that animals are lower, less evolved or less intelligent beings than humans. Having this mindset blocks the channel of communication to the animal. The same goes for human to human communication where egos have the potential to be dominating. Treat animals with respect, openness and as potential teachers. This will enable you to observe them in a fresh light and open up a well of information from them about who and how they are. You also must cease invalidating your own potential to receive telepathic communication from the animal world. To some degree you are more than likely already hearing what they say but not paying attention to it as telepathic communication. This lack of recognising the reality of the perception fails to continue to conversation and causes people to miss out on understanding to have a full conversation with an animal. Because of this the animal is more likely to become frustrated and so they have to resort to methods that you do understand such as tearing up and destroying furniture or peeing on the carpet.
Questions about your animal companions health, their attitudes towards other family members both human and other animals, performance in the competitive arena, behaviour and environment are all welcome. The most important thing is to have an open mind. You must be willing to hear information from your animal companion that you may not want to hear. No background information is required. I can find out things like how they feel about life, their purposes, concerns, attitudes, or enjoyments, but a reading is facilitated by you asking specific questions that are important to you. You and your animal companion don't have to do anything while I connect telepathically from a photograph that was emailed prior to the session. Answers from your questions I ask your animal companion will be explained to you on the call and this will most often than not give further impressions of the conversation. You may see a positive change in your animal companion after the reading. They really appreciate us listening to them and if you can adjust to the things they have asked for they realise that you do care about their wants and needs. That alone can have a positive change in their behaviour and attitude. Please note: There is no guarantee that the behaviour of an animal or the situation alters to the way you want it as this requires the willingness of the animal. They'll listen to you but the change in their behaviour is ultimately their choice.
Questions to ask often include - How do you feel? Do you enjoy your food? Do you have pain anywhere in your body? How did you injure yourself? What are you afraid of? What were you experiencing when this happened to you? Do you like your bedding? Animals can also be asked if they are ready to cross over (euthanasia)? Animal communicators can even help guide and support you through the session during this very difficult time. 
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Animal Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can facilitate universal energy into the animal by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the animal's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. An Energy Healing treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. Energy Healing doesn't interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices. Animal Energy Healing is healing which sets the heart to heart intention that can be done hands on (in person) or from any distance with the same effect and outcome. Animal Energy Healing just like Energy Healing for people does not rely on any type of belief system by you or your pets/animals for it to work. Animals are usually very eager and incredibly receptive for an energy healing and most pets/animals understand the concept since they give healing energy themselves.
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PURCHASE for 1 pet
PURCHASE for 2 pets
PURCHASE for 3 pets

Healing with Frequencies Therapy

Healy Frequencies.
The benefits of having a Healy Session for us humans is also highly beneficial to dogs as well! By analysing their Bio-Energetic Field the Healy can identify what they are most in need of to help balance their health and wellbeing. Our dogs suffer in silence particularly when it comes to pain. A whopping 70% and more of dogs have unrecognisable body and emotional pain and the Pain/Psyche Program is a wonderful setting to specify in an analysis.
Healy currently delivers over 144,000 frequencies to assist your dog in the areas of health, skin, fitness, learning, emotional well-being, chakras and meridians. Sounds like magic? We'd like to say it is but it's just science. Cutting edge science and technology created by a group of conscious creators, doctors, scientists and engineers.
Healy is the next evolution and revolution of healing, wellness, spirituality and bio-hacking that is supported and surrounded by a community worldwide that is here to make an impact, and raise the good vibes of you, your pets, and our planet.
A Healy Session at Howlistic Healing can be booked as a stand alone treatment or part of any other treatment.
*Disclaimer - The Healy is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, but rather to support energetic balance and enhance recovery, vitality, and wellbeing.
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Vibrational/Sound Therapy

Tuning Forks.
Vibration/Sound therapy takes an integrated approach to health and healing by looking at meridian energy systems, chakras and sound healing properties. It is a form of energy therapy that uses various types of tuning forks to balance an animal (and human's) energy field, resulting in pain relief, relaxation and support for the body to heal.
Vibrational/Sound therapy with the use of tuning forks is done by placing a tuning fork on the body (muscles, bones, spine or joints) to create balance in the energy system, or using the tuning fork at a small distance away from the body to input light and harmony in the biofield.
A tuning fork is an acoustic two tined tool usually made of steel. It will resonate at a constant note when struck against an activator or surface. The musical tone and pitch depends on the length of the fork’s tines and the frequency is measured in hertz.
Tuning fork therapy uses calibrated tuning forks to apply specific vibrations to the dog's body. This can help release tension, balance energy and promote emotional balance.
By having your dog's resonance balanced with tuning forks it will leave them recalibrated, uplifted, cohesive and sonically charged!
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1st Visit (up to 90min) = $80.00
60min Follow Up Visit = $70.00
45min Follow Up Visit = $55.00
30min Follow Up Visit = $40.00

1st Visit (up to 90min) = $110.00
60min Follow Up Visit = $70.00

60min = $70.00 - PURCHASE
45min = $55.00 - PURCHASE
30min = $40.00 - PURCHASE

60min = $70.00 @Lake Cathie + Remote Sessions

Telepathic Communication ~60min = $70
Telepathic Communication + Energy Healing ~90min = $120
Energy Healing ~60min = $70 (1 pet), $100 (2 pets), $135 (3 pets)

Healy Frequencies 1st visit ~120min = $120
Healy Frequencies follow up visit ~90min = $100
Emotional Reset Therapy 1st visit ~120min = $150.00
Emotional Reset Therapy follow up visit ~90min = $110.00 

Emotional Reset Therapy (ERT) via Zoom
BUY NOW Animal ERT 1st Session $110
BUY NOW Animal ERT Follow Up $70
BUY NOW Combo Pet + Owner ERT 1st Session $150
BUY NOW Combo Pet + Owner ERT Follow Up $110

Animal Communication via Zoom

Animal Communication + Energy Healing
BUY NOW $120

Healy Frequencies via Zoom
BUY NOW 60min Session
BUY NOW 45min Session
BUY NOW 30min Session
BUY NOW Combo Pet + Owner 1st Session
BUY NOW Combo Pet + Owner Follow Up

Sound Therapy via Zoom
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Remedial or Relaxation Massage (Health Fund claimable):
1hr = $80 | 1.5hrs = $100 | 2hrs = $155

Hot Stone Massage:
1.5hrs = $150 | 2hrs = $220

Emotional Reset Therapy:
1st visit 1.5hrs - 2hrs = $150
Follow up visit 1.5hrs = $110

Robyn can visit you and your dog(s) in the comfort of your own home for the following therapies:

1. Canine Remedial Therapy - CRT
2. Emotional Reset Therapy - ERT
3. Healy Frequencies
4. Sound Therapy/Tuning Forks
5. Energy Healing

* There are additional costs for travelling to home visits. 
$10.00 for homes in Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills.
$20.00 for homes in Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Laurieton, Kew, Kendall, Dunbogan, Telegraph Point, Blackmans Point, Sancrox. 

Aromatherapy and Dogs

Essential Oils and Dogs

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that includes plant extracts to support health and well-being. Each essential oil captures the "essence" of the plant, being from the leaves, flowers, roots or bark. 
It's so important when using essential oils in the home and around dogs that those oils are of the highest therapeutic grade and not from a cheaper source that's been adulterated. 
More than 95% of the world's essential oils are created for perfumes which means that their aroma is more important than their therapeutic properties. This leaves a huge gap in therapeutic plant medicine.
Diffusing essential oils around dogs can have a wonderful calming and relaxing effect which creates peace and harmony for both dog and owners mind, emotions and spiritual wellbeing. 
Learn which essential oils are safe to use around dogs and which ones are toxic. 

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